Thursday, March 22, 2007


Who are the main characters in the novel? Do you like them? Why or why not? What is special about them? what do they reveal about the universal human experience?

I think the main characters of this novel are Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop, because the novel goes by them and Ponyboy is the narrator of the novel. Also Darry and Sodapop is kind of family of Ponyboy. Ponyboy lost his parents by car accident. They are not very special but they are greaser. But I think they are not bad greaser as Socs, because they don’t do many bad things. Darry is pretty special. The reasons why I think he is special are he has quit the school, he was intelligent. Also he was good athletic. I don’t understand why he had quit the school. I think they reveal kind of orphan or poor poeple who are not bad , because they are not bad greasers. Also they reveal how people try to live even though they are poor as Darry.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


What is the mood of this novel? Do you find this novel saddens you in anyway? Why?

The moods of The lord of the flies are happy and fear. Reason why I think the moods are happy and fear is at the first time at the island, children were happy. Because they could eat fruits, swim, and play whenever they want. But later one boy says there is beast so all the boys get fears. Later the story, someone get lost and children get fears more. From that point to end of the novel, the mood is fear. Fear gets stronger and stronger so make them separated. In this novel, I could find sadden at when Piggy died, because Piggy was one of Jack’s friend I island and he was only one who stayed with Ralph at the end of his life. That scene was the most sad part.


What is the climax of this novel? What happens? How do the events of this novel make you feel?

I think the climax of The lord of the flies is Jack went out Ralph’s group with his hunters and steal Piggy’s glasses and fight with him. Jack always doesn’t like Ralph and he doesn’t want to obey to Ralph. Finally the group is separated. After Jack makes his own group he had barbeque party so many children went to Jack to eat meat, because with Ralph, they couldn’t eat meat often. So Ralph, Piggy, and twins left only. But later, there is only Ralph. The reason why there is only Ralph is Jack killed Piggy and twins went to Jack. Before Jack killed Piggy, he came to Ralph at night and steal Piggy’s glasses to make fire. Before they steal glasses the stole fire from Ralph. Killing Piggy and fighting with them show me that instinct of people. This instinct shows evil side of people. That instinct makes my feel scared, because I could image that my friend could change if they are in front of death.


What is the major theme of this novel? Why is this theme important to a teenager living in 2007?

The major theme of the lord of the flies is in the community, there would be obstacle. Therefore that obstacle could make the community separated. And follow to law or leader. This novel tells us problem in the small island instead of tell about big community. In this novel, Jack is the obstacle of the group and he doesn’t follow the rules. He always doesn't follow leader Ralph. Later he went out from the group and made another group. Don’t follow rules or disobey to leader could be major trouble in community. In my opinion, this situation never happens in community. Therefore this is the main theme of this novel. And this theme is important to a teenager living in 2007. Reasons why I think this theme is important to a teenager are teenagers are easy to be resist and they don't know that resistant is right or wrong. I mean they easily can be like Jack. If they grow up wrong way, then they could be obstacle of the community. I’m a teenager also. So I can understand them and I know being wrong is easy. But being good again is really hard. So teenagers should get good education to be nice. In this novel, Ralph is like an educator. If there are lots of obstacles, then the community would not be peaceful and there would be no right system to be good community.


Are there any setting in this novel that is significant to you? Why is this passage meaningful? Please type into one of your entires and comment on what you think about the passage?

Making fire at mountain was my significant setting of this novel, because that setting shows that there is no grown ups and there is only wild mountain. When while they hike mountaun, they saw un known animal. I think that tells us they start to be crazy.


Who are the main characters in the novel? Do you like them? Why or why not? What is special about them? what do they reveal about the universal human experience?

Ralph, Piggy, and, Jack are main characters of novel The Lord of the Flies. Reason why I think they are main charaters is story goes by them and they have lots of trobles. I like Ralph and piggy, but I don't like Jack, because he always complained to leader Ralph. However, Ralph and Piggy try to lead group safely. I think author wants to tell us there are two kinds of leader with Jack and Ralph.